Dovre joins the Pyhäsalmi renewable energy consortium’s 85 MW BESS solution

Dovre Group joins the Callio renewable energy consortium in Pyhäsalmi consisting of three separate projects.
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Dovre’s first commitment is to participate in developing an 85 MW Battery as an Energy Storage System (BESS) adjacent to the former Pyhäsalmi copper and zinc mine. The next two projects under the development of Callio are photovoltaic solar parks (PV) and an Underground Pumped Hydroelectric Storage (UPHS) facility in the actual mine, both for which Dovre has an option and interest to participate in.

The consortium will consist of Callio development company owned by the municipality of Pyhäsalmi, the Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden Holding AB (publ) and Dovre Group Plc. The investment of Dovre is sufficient to maintain and further develop the BESS project to a Ready to Build (RTB) phase, as well as the UPHS project until such time that final decision must be made regarding the UPHS construction project later this year. The UPHS provides much higher efficiency rate compared to hydrogen storage systems, and has raised large interest among the investors for the actual construction project.

Ilari Koskelo, Vice Chairman of Dovre, comments:
“For the past few years Dovre’s focus in the Finnish market has been in the renewable energy development and construction business together with group companies Renetec Oy and Suvic Oy. I believe that the concentration of different renewable energy opportunities in the Pyhäsalmi area is innovative and provides energy production efficiency for Dovre and other market participants now and in the future.”

Henrik Boman, CEO of SENS, comments:
“We are excited to have Dovre Group Plc join our consortium as we see the formation of a new energy cluster in Finland. Their participation validates the appeal and effectiveness of SENS’s solutions and expertise. With this partnership, we are entering the Finnish market confidently, supported by the trust our partners place in us. We are enthusiastic about our role in delivering sustainable energy storage to the region and contributing to its clean energy future.”

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