Sinovoltaics publishes energy storage manufacturer financial stability ranking

Sinovoltaics has released its latest energy storage manufacturers ranking report, based on balance sheet assessments and publicly available financial information. It lists US-based Tesla as number one, followed by South Korean’s LG Energy Solution, Taiwan-based Kung Long Battery, China’s Mustang Battery, along with US-based Solid Power in the top five.
Varta lithium-ion battery
A Varta lithium-ion battery exposed at the Museum Autovision, in Altlussheim, Germany. | Image: Klaus Ableiter/Wikimedia Commons/

The latest Sinovoltaics financial stability ranking of battery energy storage system producers, which is based on a balance sheet model and publicly available financial information, lists US-based Tesla as number one, followed by South Korean’s LG Energy Solution, Taiwan-based Kung Long Battery and China’s Mustang Battery, along with US-based Solid Power in the top five.

Sinovoltaics, a Hong Kong-based technical compliance and quality assurance service firm, has released its latest Energy Storage Manufacturers Ranking. The report, which is global in scope and covers 55 manufacturers, is available to download for free.  Results are calculated from June 2020 until March 2024 to provide insight into the stability of the scores over time.

The ranking uses a so-called Altmann Z-score, a quantitative formula to analyze multiple corporate income and balance sheet values to gauge the financial health of a company. It assesses a company’s financial strength based on publicly available information through a credit-strength test based on profitability, leverage, liquidity, solvency, and activity ratios. A score that is 1.1 or lower indicates a higher probability of bankruptcy within the next two years, while a higher score of 2.6 or greater indicates a solid financial position.

The manufacturers in the top ten of the energy storage ranking include Tesla, LG Energy Solution, Kung Long Battery, Mustang Battery, Solid Power, along with Ireland-based Eaton, China-based Sinexcel, Japanese manufacturers GS Yuasa and Sanyo, along with US-based Livent.

Sinovoltaics has published several other manufacturer rankings this year, including reports focused on inverter manufacturers and module manufacturers. It points out that although the reports do not assess the quality of the equipment, they can be used by buyers and other industry stakeholders, such as financial institutions, as an element of the due diligence process, or to help identify financially stable partners.

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