US commercial real estate to host VPP-connected flywheels and batteries

US-based technology provider Torus has agreed to supply nearly 26 MWh of energy storage for Gardner Group’s commercial real estate portfolio. The project will integrate battery and flywheel energy storage systems (BESS, FESS) with Torus’ proprietary energy management platform. 
Torus building
Image: Torus

US-based energy solutions company Torus has announced the signing of a deal with real estate developer Gardner Group to provide its propriatery BESS and FESS technologies in one of the largest commercial energy storage projects in the U.S. state of Utah.

The deal will see 26 MWh of systems installed and supported by Torus’ proprietary software platform, enabling intelligent energy management, demand response capabilities, and seamless integration with renewable energy sources and EV charging infrastructure.

The project will also leverage Torus’ participation in Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Battery program, which supports grid resilience through the integration of energy storage resources into a VPP ecosystem. The Torus VPP platform enables predictive analytics for demand response, energy arbitrage, and frequency regulation.

“We are thrilled to partner with Gardner Group on this groundbreaking project,” said Nate Walkingshaw, CEO and co-founder of Torus. “This deal demonstrates the growing demand for advanced energy storage solutions in the commercial sector. This is a significant step for energy resilience, sustainability, and cost savings across the Gardner Group portfolio.” 

Installation of the project is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year, with the completion date estimated to be in early 2026. Once fully operational, the systems will have the capacity to store and dispatch nearly 26 MWh of energy, equivalent to powering nearly 1,000 homes for a full day. 

Torus will manufacture the energy storage systems at its in South Salt Lake, Utah, which recently celebrated its grand opening. The company claims that its flywheel product has 95% recyclability, temperature resilience, and a 25-year lifespan. It prides on 100% energy retention after 10 years of use and supports short and long-duration demand response.

Earlier this year, Torus secured $67 million in venture financing to advance its energy storage and energy management platform.

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