Powin and US-based Bergstrom announce strategic partnership

Bergstrom will supply Advanced HVAC Solutions for Powin’s Energy Storage Systems Worldwide.
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Global energy storage platform provider Powin LLC has announced a strategic partnership with US-based Bergstrom Inc., a leader in thermal management solutions, to deliver high performing energy storage systems globally leveraging Bergstrom’s advanced technology.

Through this collaboration, Bergstrom will supply advanced HVAC systems, exclusively designed to enhance the operational efficiency of Powin’s battery storage systems. These thermal management solutions are pivotal in maintaining the optimal temperature range for energy storage units, ensuring longevity and reliability in various climate conditions.

“Incorporating Bergstrom’s cutting-edge HVAC technology into our energy storage system underscores our commitment to delivering high-performance energy storage solutions,” said Kirk Fleischhauer, COO at Powin. “As a global supplier with a strong US presence, this collaboration not only enhances the efficiency of our products but also aligns seamlessly with our strategy to partner with US-based suppliers as we gear up to meet future domestic content requirements.”

“Bergstrom developed battery-based mobile HVAC solutions over 20 years ago to drive reduced fuel consumption through its patented No Idle technology,” said Dan Giovannetti, President and CEO of Bergstrom. “The partnership with Powin is a natural extension of Bergstrom’s clean energy efforts. It leverages the strengths of both companies and allows Bergstrom to supply a very reliable and high-performance thermal management system to Powin’s customers.”

By harnessing Bergstrom’s advanced HVAC technology, Powin’s energy storage systems will achieve remarkable gains in energy efficiency, temperature control, safety, and system reliability. This partnership is poised to capture significant attention from both the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and HVAC industries, serving as a convergence of expertise from two industry-leading entities.

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