Dispatch introduces the Netherlands’ largest stand-alone battery storage system

Dispatch, a Dutch battery developer, is going to construct the Netherlands’ largest stand-alone Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This groundbreaking 45MW/ 90MWh utility-scale BESS will be located in the port area of Dordrecht, on a 6000m² site and will be used for grid stabilization by storing excess energy from renewable sources.
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Eneco will be optimizing the battery across various power markets. Construction is set to commence in the coming months and arranged in partnership with infrastructure fund EPICo², Macquarie Capital and lender ABN Amro.

Battery storage as enabler of the energy transition
To fully utilise the potential of renewable energy, battery storage technology is becoming crucial for balancing supply and demand in the electricity grid. BESS systems store energy generated from renewable sources like solar and wind, releasing it during periods of high demand or when production dips. Thereby they ensure a steady and reliable energy supply. 

The battery, consisting of 144 Fluence cubes, has a capacity of 90MWh and will on average store the energy supply equivalent for 21,500 households per day. With this capacity we will improve the balance of the electricity grid, reduce the chances of a blackout, and make more efficient use of the energy generated by wind and solar. Equans Netherlands will take charge of the engineering and construction of the battery storage system. Eneco will optimize the battery to maintain grid balance without increasing local congestion.

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