Solarwatt launches DC version of Battery flex storage system

Solarwatt says it has developed a DC version of its Battery flex PV storage system. The new version offers backup power and is optimized for the Steca SolBrid hybrid inverter.
Solarwatt Battery flex
Now also available as a DC variant: The Solarwatt Battery flex battery storage system | Image: Solarwatt

Germany’s Solarwatt is expanding its product family with the Battery flex DC, but later than it originally planned.

When the company first presented its single-phase Battery flex AC-1 product in June 2021, it announced two direct current variants for the following year. Now, the Battery flex DC is finally available, and has been designed for use with hybrid inverters.

An online configurator helps installers select the inverter. The Solarwatt website specifies the Steca SolBrid hybrid inverter from Katek. Currently, the system works only with this inverter. The devices are optimized for a joint system solution, integrating with the Solarwatt Manager flex and the Solarwatt Home app. Solarwatt said it plans to add more functions to the system in the future.

New storage system developed with BMW

The new storage system, which Solarwatt developed with BMW, is based on the same concept as the AC variant. BMW supplies Solarwatt with high-quality battery components for the system, which consists of a control unit and several battery modules with 2.4 kWh of capacity each. Configurations range from 4.8 to 24 kWh, suitable for both DC and AC variants.

The DC version also includes an emergency power function. It has a preset emergency power reserve of up to 40% of the storage capacity. The Battery flex DC has an automatically preset solution activated by the installer on the hybrid inverter. During a power failure, it supplies emergency power after a short interruption, allowing the PV system and storage unit to supply the house together, depending on weather and power consumption.

From pv magazine Germany

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