HyperStrong to Reveal Latest Energy Storage Systems at The smarter E Europe

HyperStrong, a leader in energy storage system (ESS) integration and service provision, will showcase its 2024 energy storage products and solutions at booth number C3.171 in the ees Europe exhibition at The smarter E Europe taking place in Munich during June 19-21, 2024.
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 HyperStrong’s cutting-edge technologies and expertise provide professional solutions to help clients transition to a more sustainable and stable electricity system.

HyperStrong will showcase the full-stack energy storage technologies designed for all application scenarios:

  • The HyperBlock III liquid-cooling energy storage system is an innovative 5MWh model with an integrated liquid-cooling energy storage system, utilizing 314Ah large-capacity battery cells. The battery packs and string PCS are integrated into a single unit, making the system more efficient, more economical, and more intelligent for utility-scale energy storage support, such as frequency modulation, renewable energy distribution and storage, and for industrial scenarios such as high energy consumption industrial parks.
  • The long-lasting and reliable HyperCube II liquid-cooling outdoor cabinet is intrinsically safe with a reliable power supply thanks to semi-solid state battery application and intelligent HyperCloud Web/APP real-time monitoring. It can be used for commercial & industrial application, charging stations, oil fields, among others.
  • The all-in-one HyperCube Pro charging and storage system supports the six application scenarios of peak shaving and valley filling, demand control, station capacity expansion, virtual power plant, reactive power regulation, and backup power supply.
  • Other products include the HyperCube Mini energy storage systems designed for safety emergency use and communication base stations, as well as residential energy storage system.
  • Leveraging advanced AI technologies to revolutionize the ESS, HyperStrong’s full-stack solution is able to increase the discharge capacity of the ESS, ensuring that it can meet higher demand peaks more effectively, playing a crucial role in proactive safety management, identifying potential issues before they become problems and ensuring the system operates within safe parameters.

HyperStrong has made significant advances in international markets with multiple energy storage projects being delivered in Europe, the United States, and has local teams and service capabilities in multiple markets. The Company’s utility-scale solutions facilitate clean energy adoption, boost renewable resource utilization, and minimize power fluctuations and grid impact. For commercial and industrial customers, HyperStrong’s full-portfolio products optimize off-peak power usage to lower electricity costs, balance peak and valley loads, and reduce peak load capacity demand. This load shifting can delay the need for power distribution expansions, improving supply reliability. Equipped with intelligent operation and maintenance, comprehensive services can be delivered for installers and owners. The modular design, standardized components, and streamlined structure enable easy installation, allowing for expandable battery storage systems to balance energy loads effectively.

HyperStrong’s Wind and Solar Energy Storage Project in Fuyang, Anhui Province has been shortlisted in the smarter E AWARD Outstanding Project category for 2024

In the Outstanding Projects category, HyperStrong impressed judges with exceptional solutions and products integrated into a renewable energy project. The project features HyperStrong’s advanced 1500V high-voltage liquid-cooling ESS, which reduces footprint, enhances charging and discharging efficiency, and extends the battery cycle life of the storage system. It combines a 550MW wind farm, 650MW PV power station, and ESS to mitigate power grid volatility and improve power supply reliability. With a capacity to store up to 600MWh of electricity, the ESS can meet the annual electricity demands of over 90,000 households. The project adopts a new energy base development model that integrates wind power, PV, energy storage, efficiently utilizing these resources while managing coal mining subsidence areas. HyperStrong provides a core battery storage system for the project, ensuring reliable network connectivity with high-performance products and quality services. At the ess Forum on 19th June at The smarter E Europe, HyperStrong will present its innovative products and projects, offering insights on how it is driving the transition to clean energy systems.

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