AlphaESS, Manufacturer & Energy Service Provider, Unveils All-In-One Energy Storage Solutions for Residential and Commercial Applications at ees Europe/Intersolar in Munich 2024

AlphaESS, a global leader in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, presented its up-to-date energy storage systems at ees Europe, Europe’s largest trade fair in the industry. This year’s event theme, “Easy System Integration for Residential and Commercial Customers”, aligns with AlphaESS’s holistic product portfolio, including home battery systems, and commercial, industrial, and utility-scale energy storage solutions with intelligent energy management.
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AlphaESS introduced VitaPower, a new balcony energy storage system for apartment residents. Available online, this all-in-one unit integrates with a Smart Plug for easy on-grid and off-grid use, expandable up to 2kW/6kWh. The plug-and-play design facilitates a seamless transition to self-sufficient power.

For families seeking to optimize energy expenses, AlphaESS presented its latest home energy storage series, SMILE-G3. The single/three-phase systems cover 3~20kW, expandable to 60.6kWh. Modular and easy-to-install design meets the diverse needs of European markets.

Leveraging 12 years of industry expertise and AI technology, the SMILE-G3 series offers enhanced efficiency and smarter energy management, featuring MPPT shadow scanning, 200% PV input, and 200% UPS peak overloading. The high-voltage batteries use Class A LiFePO4 cells, ensuring minimal energy loss, extended lifespan, and stable 1C charging/discharging rates. Its very fast FCAS offers precise frequency response for virtual power plant (VPP) applications, where AlphaESS is a leading provider in Australia.

C&I and Utility Energy Storage Solutions

AlphaESS expanded its focus on C&I applications with the STORION-LC372 liquid-cooled cabinet, offering a maximum energy capacity of 372.7kWh. A pilot project in Lithuania deploys 12 STORION-LC372 cabinets for a 2MW/4MWh system, supporting local Brewery’s green energy goals with an advanced liquid cooling solution.

For utility-scale projects, AlphaESS showcased the AlphaCS-H20-DC-LC liquid-cooled container, a pre-assembled utility energy storage solution with a capacity of up to 3.7MWh. Enhanced battery packs with IP67 protection make them ideal for extreme environments.

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