Hoymiles launches AC-coupled battery for balcony PV systems

The Chinese company says its new product has a storage capacity of 2,240 Wh and an expected lifespan of 6,000 cycles.
Hoymiles battery for balcony PV systems
Hoymiles MS-A2 battery | Image: Hoymiles

Chinese microinverter maker Hoymiles has launched a new battery for balcony PV systems.

“As the first AC-coupled balcony energy system on the market, it is compatible with all microinverters on the market and can be installed easily in just two stepLis,” a spokesperson from the company told pv magazine.

The MS-A2 battery measures 455 mm x 220 mm x 457 mm and weighs 32 kg.

It is based on LiFePO4 cells and has a storage capacity of 2,240 Wh. The nominal AC voltage is 230 V and the nominal AC frequency is 50 Hz.

The system has both off and on-grid ports and has a maximum AC output power of 800 VA. Its nominal power, on charge and discharge, is 1,000 VA and the expected lifespan is 6,000 cycles.

The battery also features IP65-rated protection and has a cooling system based on natural convection.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity

The manufacturer said two units can be connected in a series to expand storage. “Built-in Bluetooth Wi-Fi combo module provides stable communication between the device and mobile app and S-Miles Cloud,” it added.

From pv magazine global

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